Why Chin Badger Media?

Why Chin Badger Media?

Chin Badger Media. 

I know, it’s a funny name. 

But we have our reasons. 

For a long time I’ve been known as The Tall Photographer, due to the fact I’m tall, and a photographer. 

I’ve been tall from about the age of 10 I reckon, and I started taking photographs when I was 8. 

The Tall Photographer was the name of my Instagram account well before I went full time as a professional photographer. 

So when it came to going pro and choosing a name for my business, The Tall Photographer made perfect sense, and saved me the bother of conjuring up another name on a Friday night after two glasses of something fruity.

But now the business has changed. 

It’s not just me any more, we are a small and quite delightful team, and we do a lot more than just photography. 

About 80% of our client work is now video production, about 15% is still photography, and about 5% is writing – video scripts, newsletters, blogs and magazine articles. 

So now that we work in a variety of different media it makes perfect sense to bung ‘media’ at the end of the name of our business. There it sits, a sensible coda to the curious words frolicking before it.  

But why Chin Badger? 

For some unknown reason, probably because I’m a very lateral thinking creative type, and may have imbibed a couple of glasses of something fruity one Friday night, I once renamed my beard a ‘chin badger’. Darkly and greyly streaked as it was, and perched precariously on my jawline like a snuffling crepuscular beast. 

People, including myself, thought it mildly amusing, and both the name and the beard stuck.

The name is unique, perhaps rightly so. It encapsulates and wafts over our creative and joyful way of thinking, of looking at things from different angles, whether it’s beards, photography, video production or writing. 

Like us, the name has a touch of humour, something that’s an essential part of our lives and work. It’s good to laugh every day. Nay, it’s essential to laugh every day. 

So there we have it: a beardy, tall photographer and team who do a fair helping of video production, a good slice of stills photography, and a delicious dollop of writing – Chin Badger Media.

That’s us that is. 

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