How Can Video Improve Your SEO?

How video improves your website set

You want as many of your target audience visiting your website, and spending time on it, as you can. 

To do this you need people to find it, and then keep their attention. You need to connect with your ideal audience.

Putting videos on your website helps you connect to your audience in several different ways. 

The first is that it makes your website more diverse and content rich. 

The second is that people like to consume information in different ways: some like to read, some like to watch and listen. So having videos on your website means you’re connecting with a more diverse audience than just having text and pictures. 

And thirdly, having video on your website makes it more likely to be found by people searching, because relevant videos help your search engine optimisation, or SEO. They do this in several ways: 

  1. Having your videos hosted on YouTube and embedded on your website makes Google happy, because it owns YouTube and makes vast quantities of money by putting ads on it. So Google will promote web pages with YouTube embedded videos on it. 
  1. Some people will specifically choose google searches which have video content, because that’s how they like to consume information. So Google promotes video content in google searches for that reason – whether the video is hosted on their own platform – YouTube – or not.  
  2. Having video on a web page can mean people spend more time on that web page, and Google (and other search engines, like Bing and Yahoo) will identify a page as having more relevance if people spend more time looking at it. 
  3. One study showed that having a page with a video makes it 50 times more likely to achieve organic page ranks in Google than plain text results.
  4. The more relevant and useful information you have on a web page the more people will link to it. And the more people linking to your page, whether it’s on social media or websites, the higher search engines will rank your page as being relevant. 

So make sure you have relevant, clear, good quality videos on your website – your customers will like it, and search engines will too.

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