Why use video to promote your event

Why use video to promote your event

jonathan smith of talk business at walton hall chin badger media why use video to promote your event

If you regularly hold events, whether it’s weekly, monthly or annually, you’ll normally want to create a bit of a buzz beforehand. 

Whether you’re wanting to sell tickets, sell stands, or just create some energy and anticipation with an invited audience, video is the perfect medium to use. 

Nothing else captures how an event looks, sounds and feels like video. Sure, a great copywriter can give an impression, and good photography can really capture a moment or the scale of an event – but the energy, that’s video. 

Not only that, but with video you can record quick vox pops, or talking head segments, from the visitors, stand holders or organisers. 

We’ve created videos for the Midlands Business Expo, Micro Business Show, Stratford Food Festival, Shakespeare Week, The Worcester Show, conferences, keynote speakers and trade days. 

What do our event videos all have in common?

  • Most of them show movement and bustle. 
  • Capturing smiles, laughter and applause. 
  • Many capture quick positive messages – often single sentences – from visitors. 
  • We usually use camera movement, even a full walk through on a steadicam or gimbal. 
  • And they are almost always short, one minute or less if possible. 

That final point is really important. People have busy lives and they need convincing that an event is worth going to in seconds, not minutes. So start your video with energy and clarity, and then move on with pace and warmth. 

Keeping it short means you can use it on social media, include it in emails and actually get it watched, and also embed it in blogs and landing pages to help convert visitors or stand holders to book. 

And if appropriate, have a clear call to action at the end. It may just be a website to go to, or a ‘book now’. Make sure people know what you want them to do after watching. 

Give your event promotion an advantage

Events can take a huge amount of time, effort and money to organise. So give yourself an advantage in your marketing and promotion – get your next event videoed and use that video for your following events, it’s a great way to stand our, get noticed, and get more bookings.

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