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Have you thought about sustainable video production?

It can make quite a difference. Who’d have thought it, but photography and video production can have quite a high environmental impact. High tech = high impact High tech equipment can not only have a very high carbon footprint, but also contains rare metals that need to be mined. So in our video production and photography business, to minimise our … Read More

jonathan smith of talk business at walton hall chin badger media why use video to promote your event

Why use video to promote your event

Why use video to promote your event If you regularly hold events, whether it’s weekly, monthly or annually, you’ll normally want to create a bit of a buzz beforehand.  Whether you’re wanting to sell tickets, sell stands, or just create some energy and anticipation with an invited audience, video is the perfect medium to use.  Nothing else captures how an … Read More

Video header for Chin Badger Media Website

Should you use video in your website header?

Should you use video in your website header? More and more people are using video snippets in their website headers.  Why?  Well, it’s all about connection.  Moving images will always grab people’s attention – and create an emotional response.  And using video, even silent video, is probably the most effective way of telling people what you and your brand are … Read More

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Should you use video in your online courses?

Of course the answer to that is ‘it depends’.  There are some major benefits to using video in your online course and those benefits are mainly about making deeper connections.  To help you make your decision it’s best to think about your subject, your audience and your budget: If your subject is very visual and process-driven it makes perfect sense … Read More

How video improves your website set

How Can Video Improve Your SEO?

You want as many of your target audience visiting your website, and spending time on it, as you can.  To do this you need people to find it, and then keep their attention. You need to connect with your ideal audience. Putting videos on your website helps you connect to your audience in several different ways.  The first is that … Read More

Why Chin Badger Media?

Why Chin Badger Media? Chin Badger Media.  I know, it’s a funny name.  But we have our reasons.  For a long time I’ve been known as The Tall Photographer, due to the fact I’m tall, and a photographer.  I’ve been tall from about the age of 10 I reckon, and I started taking photographs when I was 8.  The Tall … Read More


Education If I was to say we had one particular specialism, it would be education. It’s something that’s always been very important to me on a personal level.  Despite always being an avid reader, I can remember struggling at school. On my 9th birthday I was starting at a new school and asked to stand up and recite the two … Read More


Creativity So many people say to me that they’re not creative. They are wrong, totally wrong.  If you are alive, and can string two thoughts together, you are creative.  There is something fundamental about human creativity. We need it to survive, and it can lead us to thrive.  Creativity isn’t just about being able to play jazz drums, or paint … Read More


People Everything we do is about connection – connecting people to each other, to the wider world and to another part of themselves.  The photography, videography and writing we do has always been about helping our clients to connect with their audiences in a deeper way, with warmth and authenticity.  Equality is incredibly important to us. When recruiting we look … Read More


How are we reducing our environmental impact? Every human being and every other living thing we’ve ever discovered scoots and shimmies on, under and over the thin crust of a quite remarkable orb. That orb is our home: Planet Earth, whizzing around our local star at 66,000 miles per hour.  No wonder my hair and beard are so often ‘windswept … Read More

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