Why Photography?

There are three main reasons photography is so successful.

1. Humans are visual, we have evolved to respond to what we see in milliseconds, so we respond to pictures far faster than text.

2. Photographs can tell stories about brands, products, services: professional, warm, creative, trustworthy, quirky, luxury, practical… what stories about you can we help you to tell?

3. Images are emotional, they can make us feel comfortable, thirsty, joyful, intrigued, reassured. The photographs you use say a lot about you – get them done professionally.

Why Us?

We do three things particularly well.

1. We’ve got decades of photography experience – from people to products, property to landscapes, events. We know what makes a great visual image that makes people feel something.

2. Anyone can take a photo on their smartphone, but having professional cameras, lenses and lighting makes a massive difference – whether it’s capturing a laugh at an event to a really crisp property shot.

3. We are people people. Our shoots are relaxed, warm, collaborative. Just read our testimonials!

What We Can Do

Headshots & portraits

We love to capture the warmth of people, and that’s why our headshot and portrait sessions are fun and relaxed. We’ve done it hundreds of times, and will work with you to get the shots that give the impression of you that you need. We usually shoot interior and exterior headshots at sessions.

Branding photography

One step further than just a few headshots or portraits, branding photography builds a library of images for you to use on website, social media and in print. It can include pictures of you at work, telling the story of your products and services. This is our most popular photography product, and we can create dozens of great images from one branding shoot.

Event photography

While creating videos of events has become hugely popular, to help promote future events, there’s still a unique role for event photography. You can capture a laugh, a presentation, a whole crowd, a moment in time – and these images can be very powerful. We’ve been doing this for years, from corporate events to weddings (by special request only), outdoor fairs to small seminars. If you need to sell events, you need great event photography.

Property photography

It’s become so easy to get decent property shots with a good smartphone camera now. But that doesn’t mean you get a great shot, which really sells the best features of a property. It’s partly about having a great eye, it’s partly about noticing the details, it’s about dressing a room, it’s about getting the lighting right, and it’s about editing each image to create the look you need. We often do combined property photo and video shoots – which is a superb marketing resource for sales or rentals.

Product photography

Product photography is a real art. Whether it’s just a white background image for a shopping website, or a more branded and art-directed luxury shot, knowing how to light, how to frame and how to edit is crucial. We’ve done food & drink, horticulture, crafts… talk to us if you need your products photographed in their best light.

What We’ve Done

Ashleigh Clarke

Video & Photography

Serenity Barn

Video & Photography


Video Production

How we work

photography,West Midlands

1. Plan

Collaborate with you to find the shots you really need.

2. Shoot

This is the fun bit, creating the great images that tell the stories to make people feel.

photography,West Midlands

3. Edit

Creating polished images by colour enhancement, cropping, cloning out the odd stray hair.

photography,West Midlands

4. Deliver

Edited shots in web and print format, colour, black and white – whatever you need.

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