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Why Video Editing?

There are three main reasons video is so successful.

1. You may already have footage that’s been filmed in the past, but it needs refreshing.

2. You may be able to record your own footage – it could be a Zoom conversation, mobile phone footage, but you don’t have the skills or time to make something effective or useful from it.

3. We offer a free 30 minute photo and video review of your website and social media – we can help to identify opportunities to improve, and ways of repurposing your existing content. Drop us a line.

Why Us?

We do three things particularly well.

1. We can be creative, repurposing self-filmed or Zoom footage into something that really works on social media, with subtitles, headings, music and graphics.

2. We can either work to a precise brief – with specific clips, and precise brand guidelines, or you can send us footage and ask us to think of creative ways to use it.

3. Whether it’s just a single video, or a complete series of videos to post onto social media for weeks or even months – we can edit your footage.

What We Can Do


Video testimonials are the best type – as your potential customers get to see a real person telling them about you – they get to see a face and a voice to create a stronger human connection. But you can’t always get or want a professional videographer to film it, so your clients can send in video testimonials or you can record them on a video call. We can brand them up and edit them for web or social, with subtitles.


If you’ve just rebranded, we can look at upgrading the media you already have to reflect that brand. Whether it’s just a logo or colours. If you have the original video files that’s ideal, but even if you only have an edited video we can look at rebranding that.

Product videos from photos

If you’ve got product photos but also want some videos to put on your product pages, or on social media, we can use our editing skills and music to create short, engaging videos to help sell your wares.

Property videos

Property videos can hugely help to increase the effectiveness of properly pages. You can either send us stills or video you’ve shot yourself, and we can edit a video to really show off your property, with titles, branding, transitions and colour & contrast improvements. (We also do property shoots, if you need that.)

Video ads

Video ads are typically 10 to 30s and are increasingly used on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. We can help you to create them – from concept to delivery to your ad experts, even if you provide us with your own video and photo footage.

Social media content

Perhaps you’ve got longer videos for promotional use on your website, but you need some shorter social media videos to drive traffic to your website. We can cut your longer videos into engaging, intriguing shorts – with titles, subtitles, music and branding.

What We’ve Done

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Video & Photography

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Video & Photography


Video Production

How we work

1. Plan

Work out what your priorities are and what you need us to do for you.

2. Shoot

Let us review your media, and work out how we can make fresh content.

3. Edit

Using our skills to putting the best clips together, enhance colour & audio, adding titles & subtitles.

4. Deliver

Fast transfers in whatever formats you need – landscape, portrait, square, subtitles, HD.

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