Video Production

Capturing content that will help you better connect with your audience.

Why Video?

1. Because video uses both visuals and sound, it has a unique, human way of connecting with people and telling stories in an emotional way – that’s why films, television and now online video has become the main way people consume content. 

2. You can tell a story in a short video that would take pages and pages of text.

3. We all connect emotionally with people’s faces – we can help you do that and make it easy. 

Why Us?

1. We look at every project from your audience’s perspective, and that takes empathy. 

2. We make it simple – we strip back the brief to the most important elements, and then flesh out those elements with warmth, humour and emotion to make sure you audience really connects.

3. We take the hassle out of creating video content – as expert visual & auditory storytellers – we understand the qualities of light, the right cameras and lenses and how to get good quality sound.

What We Can Do

Educational Content

One of our specialisms – we make it easy to create entire series of online courses, from Shakespeare to road safety, from ceramics to dressmaking to LinkedIn.
If you teach people, we can help you create video courses.

Testimonials and Case Studies

When we’re deciding to buy something we like to get a testimonial – whether it’s an Amazon review or a recommendation from a friend. Written testimonials and cast studies are great, but video versions are even better – & you can take soundbites from them for graphics too.
We recommend every business uses video testimonials and video case studies on their website & social media.

Event Photography and Videography

The best way to promote an event is to show people what it’s like. Event photography has long been a specialism of ours – capturing people’s smiles and laughter, the great food on offer, the whole room in a wide angle shot. And for several years we’ve shot video promos for events, from the food fairs to business expos. We capture energy and warmth with our documentary style filming approach.

Short Promos

Many organisations now have a video on their home page to explain what they do. It’s a way to get across exactly what you want people to know about you without them having to read lots of text, and maybe miss out the crucial messages. If you have different services or products, you can create a short video for each one – giving clarity and enriching your website content. You can also repurpose these videos for social media.

Video website headers

In recent years short, silent video headers have been replacing photographs at the top of websites. It’s a way to engage your website visitor with movement and storytelling before they’ve even read a single word. We’ve made silent video headers for heating engineers to accountants – we can tell anyone’s story in video form, including yours.

Social media videos

Millions of people rely on social media to entertain, and inform themselves, as well as keep up with friends and family. The best two ways to catch their attention is by great photography or great videos. As visual experts, we know how to do that – and then use the media to tell the story you need to tell. If you’re speaking on social media videos, always use subtitles as people scroll with the sound off 80% of the time. We can do that for your new videos or your existing ones.

Video ads

Over the past two years we’ve been increasingly asked to make 10 to 30s short videos specifically for adverts for YouTube and social media channels. We can make them traditional landscape format, square or portrait format. We can recommend several online ad agencies if you’d like to explore this sales and marketing approach.

Property videos

When marketing a property for sale or rent, people are more likely to click on a listing if it has a video. It also improves the search ranking of property listings, it enriches your website and social media content, and the National Association of Realtors in Australia posted that 73% of buyers were more likely to list with an agent who used video, and property listings with video got four times as many enquiries. If you own or manage property, we can help.

What We’ve Done

Ashleigh Clarke

Video & Photography

Serenity Barn

Video & Photography


Video Production

How we work

video production

1. Plan

Building a content creation plan from what the audience needs to know and feel.

2. Shoot

Using 4K cameras, high end lenses, and professional microphones we get the best footage to tell the stories.

video production

3. Edit

 Putting the best takes together, enhancing colour and audio, adding titles, telling the story.

4. Deliver

 Fast transfers in whatever formats you need – landscape, portrait, square, subtitles, HD, 4K.

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