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Why Writing?

1. Humans are imaginative creatures, and great writing allows us to draw on that imagination and make people really feel something – it’s why novels still endure in this digital age.

2. When we want details, we turn to text. Text allows us to pinpoint the information we really need to make decisions. We like to make words sing.

3. Writing can transport us to a place, to a person, to a feeling – you’re sitting on a deckchair in the evening sun on a quiet beach, the sound of soft surf bathes your ears, someone hands you a chilled gin and tonic, ice cubes gently tinkle… See what I mean?

Why Us?

1. Storytelling is something we excel at. It’s not just being creative, it’s being empathetic to what the audience might feel with every single sentence.

2. We’ve been writing professionally for years, from hundreds of video scripts, to dozens magazine articles, website and social media copy, and over 150 issues of Charlie’s popular weekly ‘Five Good Things’.

3. We love words, and delight in an exquisitely turned phrase. We can find ways of saying things that nobody else in your sector is saying, and bring warmth and deliciousness to any subject.

What We Can Do

Copywriting for website or print

If you struggle to find just the right words, to let a unique voice ring out to your customers, let us help.

Magazine and articles

We’ve been writing for magazines and blogs for many years now, both for ourselves and for our customers. A great magazine article or blog will stick in people’s minds, will be shared, and will make people feel they want more.

Proofreading books & articles

Charlie researched for and proofread his first book for a colleague in 1999. Since then he and other members of the team have proofread several books and dozens of articles. It’s not just about the spelling and grammar, it’s about getting into a prospective reader’s mind and imagining: ‘Will this be clear to them? Will this make them feel? Will this phrasing annoy or delight?’

Five Good Things

We’ve built up a considerable audience for our writing over many years with our weekly Five Good Things. Charlie does nearly all the writing, but other members of the team contribute as well. You can read the latest article at the top of our LinkTree here, and you can make sure you get Five Good Things in your email inbox early ever Sunday morning by subscribing here.

What We’ve Done

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Video & Photography

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Video & Photography


Video Production

How we work

1. Plan

Identifying audience, tone, outcomes and just the right content.

2. Draft

Hit the right nudge points in people’s minds that work with your brand and

3. Edit

Getting the right flow, emotional resonance, and flinging out the fluff.

4. Deliver

As Jeeves would say “I aim to give satisfaction, sir.”

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