The Brief

The King Edward VI school in Stratford upon Avon has a long and distinguished history, being the school attended by a certain William Shakespeare – his school room still exists today. One of the highlights of the school year is the Christmas Concert, attended by students past and present, parents and local people. But Covid scuppered the live concert. The music department still wanted to celebrate the amazing talent of the students

The Process

We worked out a two day filming schedule to record two to three takes of each piece of music, all socially distanced and meticulously planned by the music director and ourselves. We recorded both in the school hall, and the atmospheric Guild Chapel which adjoins the school. 

The Result

The final concert video is an hour long celebration of the skill and diversity of talent and musical styles the students have attained – from choral pieces to jazz to brass bands, soloists, readings and string ensembles. Using two to three camera set ups we attained a high production value and the school, students and parents were delighted with the results – and the talent at the school is now recorded for posterity. We have been working with the school for a few years now, and look forward to showcasing the students’ talents in the future.

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